Premarriage Awareness

The Premarriage Awareness Inventory has been used by clergy for 30 years to help facilitate their pre-marriage work with couples. Now PAI is available online*, making it more convenient to use than ever before. And the really exciting part is that you can also access an automated assessment of the couple’s inventories online that will save you time and enhance your pre-marriage sessions.

* The version of the PAI that is available for use online is based on Form F of the printed product. Other versions of the printed product are not currently available for use online.

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  1. Online completion of PAI Participant inventories (based on Form F of the printed product) by members of couples you are preparing for marriage, wherever they might be, including automated completion of the Profile Copy. (Basic Service $9.95/couple)
  2. Automated preparation of a Profile Assessment, providing comments and comparisons revealed in the Profile Copy. (Full Service $29.95/couple, includes Basic Service above)
  3. Access to the Administrator’s Portfolio – your reference tool for the PAI. (included with one-time registration fee)
  4. Access for you, and members of your couples, to the helpful pre-marriage primer A Good Beginning. The chapters of this short book are an easy read and coordinate with the sections of the inventory. ($14.95 one-time fee)